Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's See How Many Pics We Can Take of Jean's Deriere?

Let me just start by saying that the bloggy break was just what the doctor ordered. It really helped that a slow internet connection curtailed any desire to even jump online during the weekend. Needless to say quality and quantity family time was plentiful and much needed. How is one supposed to create blog fodder if all one does is sit on the blog?

Now on to the pics of my deriere. Just kidding... not really. Hubs was the main picture taker since we got into a debate argument about the safety of our surroundings during popping firecrackers and so he declared me to be the main popper while he takes all the pics; since I supposedly know everything there is to know about fireworks. Ahem anyways.

When my husband has the camera in tow he takes pictures of everything that has nothing to do with anything. I can't tell you how many pics I have of random people doing nothing interesting and pics of every single casino in Vegas. (Yawn)

My posterior became the star of our 4th of July show. Since I love you dear internet and actually would like for you to come back, I will spare you all 50 something pics of me bent over lighting fireworks. Your Welcome.

I will however post a few random pics of our red white and blue day. You really didn't think I would spare you that did you?

One of few pics where hubs did the lighting. Yes, I did get one of his posterior too.
A little motherly firework guidance for Gameboy. He was the only one we let light anything and none of them were the explosive kind. I know sparklers aren't quite the safest things around either. Did you notice he has one shoe off and one on? I think he was like this most of the night and we didn't notice. I finally asked him what's up with one shoe on and off? "The shoe on is for stomping ants." Makes sense..I think. This is not the greatest pic of me. I'm sure I was talking and directing my mother on what to push on the camera. I just enjoyed that the dog sneakily got into pic as well.

Why yes that's the side of my parent's house, and my dog is walking "up" to the roof. My parents live in a semi underground house. It's almost a necessity living in OK.

Gameboy's cake creation. He did a mighty fine job. Tasty too!

I like this pic as they just were hap hazardly standing in red white and blue. I didn't even notice until I looked back at the pics.

Only one posterior shot of me is not to bad. The rest I have deleted. That concludes todays recap of 4th o' July. Stay tuned for the post where my husband almost breaks my nose.

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Heidi said...

Sounds like a fun 4th. I personally never let my husband have the camera, he has no sense of cropping and some fat roll always ends up in the pic, so I just do it myself.


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