Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday 13 Neurotic Edition

I found this site called and could not stop reading these crazy people's neurotic issues. Sadly though, there were quite a few that I actually do. This lead me to think of all the crazy neurotic things that I do do. If you thought I was off my rocker before, now you'll probably really think I should be committed.

1. Left turns on busy intersections I've mentioned before..I'll go out of my way by just going right if I have to.

2. One from the site that I also do is when driving and turning at the same time as the person in front of me, after a couple of turns I do get paranoid they think I'm following them. Same thing if someone is behind me.

3. On long highway drives when I'm in a group with other cars, I feel like were friends in a weird way and get kind of sad when they turn off.

4. I have to wipe off the top of a pop can before opening it. I know repeat, I admit to my neursis..but coming up with 13 is hard work.

5. I used to have weird fears about escalators, thinking I'd get sucked in the crack at the bottom or top. I got over that and now feel I have to wait for just the right step before stepping on.

6. I'm deathly afraid some random stranger is going to come up to me and just start tickling me. This was really really bad when I was younger. It's more like the fear a teacher or leader type person was going to do this. I'm not quite as bad now, but I don't trust my husband as far as you can throw him, when he starts putting his hands near my waist or under my arms, I immediately move his hand. He's aware of this fear.

7. If I'm in deep thought or nervous about something I'll start pinching the side of my middle finger with my thumb and forefinger. I actually have a small callous there from it. (I'm pinching my finger as I'm typing this, trying to think of all my crazies.)

8. I used to have this way of reading things online where it was like I was reading to myself but I would be breathing what I'm reading and sometimes it would be outloud. I can't explain this one. I don't catch myself doing this to often.

9. I don't like odd numbers. The number 3 by itself is ok. I'm really this way with birthdays and street addresses. I'm always relieved when we have moved and our address ends with an even number. I always think it's like a bad omen to have an odd address number. Clearly I have issues.

10. The dishes have to be stacked a certain way in the dishwasher. I go batty when my mother loads my dishwasher, as she always does it so haphazardly.

11. Number 10 is the only thing where I feel "order" is important, anywhere else is pretty much ok. Must have dishes stacked right.

12. I do go crazy with paper clutter; I just want to throw it away and not deal with it. Since 99% of our bills are online, I can't stand the chaos of the mail and throw most of it away without even looking through it. I'll keep the bank stuff though.

13. I have to read a post that I've written over a dozen times before publishing it and then another dozen after hitting publish. Like this post right now, I've probably read twenty times before hitting publish.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm the same way on a few of these - #2, #9 and #10. Oh yes, and #13.

Right now both our street address and phone number end in odd numbers and it's always driven me crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on those drive things..I HATE left turns and often feel connected w/ people on long highway drives, I feel like I need to wave and honk if they exit..

I must say I thought #6 was kinda wierd.. :-)

KC said...

LOL.. I always start to wonder when someone has followed me after a few turns.
Great T13


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