Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let The Moosh Whoorl My Hair Contest

The Moosh in Indy is having a little hair contest where the random winner will move to the front of the line at Hair Thursday and get this, she will pay for your hair to get done at the salon. All you gotta do is post your horrendous and hairriffic hair pics. Easy enough.

I so need to win this as my hair is looking two shades of I don't know what. I've got some kind of aubern looking something that's trying to grow out and then my natural poop brown coming in.

Here's my senior pic circa 95-96. I never rolled my hair in high school and have no clue why I thought I needed to for my senior pics. Ugh!

This is me around Christmas. I really kind of liked this cut actually, but I think I needed more body or something. Please ignore the clutter that is my kitchen...and look away from the ugly 60's wall paper..just look away. It only gets worse if you keep staring.

Here we have the current conditions with partly colored hair of reddish orangish brownish with a scattering of poop brown.


Tash said...

Ooooh, you're brave, I don't think that I'd dare show some of my horrific hair photos!! (and I am sure that I have a few!)

moosh in indy. said...

Oooh, you'd be a fun one to see made over.
Good luck!

Krista said...

I pretty much like my hair the way it is, but when it grows out it looks like your bottom picture. I do like your "kitchen" hair do though! It looks good to me! :)

Lawanda said...

Oh how'd I miss a HAIR POST?!?!

I like the short cut on you, but I also like the last pic :) And I need to get my hair done VERY soon. Mine is brown and grey. NOT a pretty combo there. :-p

I am thinking of going with bangs again after my hair grows back out. I used to look cute in bangs... :-p


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