Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

It’s Sunday morning and I’m at work. I’ve barely been here an hour and already I’ve written a future T13 post, applied for an online degree scholarship, read all the blogs in my feed; obviously not much going on in blogland. I also took two calls.

So I’m here twiddling my thumbs. It’s going to be a long day. Sad thing is I won’t even be able to publish this until tonight. Since I can't actually access my blog at work, I thought I would live update you..atleast it will be live when I typed what I’m doing. Call it Twitter with out the Twitter.

Yeah your eyes just glazed over with fear didn’t it? Your precariously looking for the close button aren’t you? I promise I won’t update you every minute; just you know every so often when I’m actually doing something. You’ll be like my Wilson in Castaway. Cause that’s how I feel today, castaway on a deserted island, at least I’ll get paid for it.

9:08 Took a call

9:15 another call-two in a roll, that most likely won’t happen to often today.

9:17 I smell my On the Border chips in a bag. Chips and Salsa sounding really good right now.

9:27 Bloglines is acting crazy-showing 200 posts that are from 2006?!

10:06 Getting in a few chapters of my book

10:45 Took a call

12:00 Took a call

12:03 Eating on my chips and salsa, no lunch break for me today, so I have to eat when and what I can.

12:55 Time for a quick run to the vending machine for my daily dose of Dr. Pepper.

1:03 Just back in time for a call. Timing is everything

1:39 Finished my book. Now I have a little over 3 hours to kill.

1:45 Call

1:55 Bloglines is down; bummer, now what do I do?

2:03 Saved by a call for now

2:09 Pilfering through YouTube; it’s my only hope to get me through the rest of the day.

2:35 Call

2:50 Thank goodness for Etsy! I can only take so much YouTube.

3:04 Call

3:11 Yeah Bloglines is back up! Look some of you posted; I know you were thinking of me in my time of need.

3:46 Two calls back to back. Whew labor intensive!

4:38 Reading sites that are considered “Quota Time” at the office. Your only allowed 1 hour per day. I always save those sites for last. Mainly news sites and sports sites are quota sites. *The more you know*

4:53 Closing up shop and getting ready for the last minute callers. There’s always that one.


Anonymous said...


I like it...hour by hour...I may have to do a post like that one day. Fun!

Now I want chips, salsa and a dr pepper

Jen said...

Ok, so what do you do that you can read blogs and go on youtube and get paid. That is the job that I want! :)


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