Saturday, June 21, 2008

Come and Get Your Randomness Right Here

You know who you are, who are going crazy on my little secret, are cracking me up. I promise it's not as majorly big a deal as you think.. but it kinda will be a big deal to me (us).
BTW -No I'm not pregnant that would be something biblical and obviously from a previous post I'm not. The tubes they are tied..sorry.

I apologize that the font colors don't quite coordinate. I thought I was going to change things up a bit and then changed my mind, so I just kind of left it as it is.

My boys are leaving me tomorrow for two weeks. I'm jealous of the fun filled plans they have like; swim lessons, bible school, a trip to the museum, a movie, a picnic and of course they absolutely cannot miss the library. They are still planning as we speak what else their going to do. Something tells me they won't be over anxious to come back.

I on the other hand will be catching up my reading - Water For Elephants and Bean Trees is on my list for the next two weeks. Anybody have a good suggestion on what I should read next?

I'm also planning on doing BooMama's To Do List. I'm thinking clearing the garage is the big todo. I'll probably work on a post for it tomorrow. If I take pics of my nightmare that is the garage and post it for all the world to see, please don't hate on me.

That's about it for this week.


Lawanda said...

If you saw my "guest room" when it was a "yard sale room", you'd never think twice about posting your garage! ;)

Ok, so now I am clueless as to what the secret could be!! LOL Pregnancy was my best guess ;) You aren't going to leave me hangin' to much longer are ya? hehe

Anonymous said...

Click on my book read thing..I have a billian of them.

I know..You are moving. You are getting transfered and you are leaving Texas.

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

I'm supposed to be reading Water for Elephants next...I just need to buy it first.

sheasy said...

Found you on mediocre - I like your blog!

My inner bookworm says if you haven't read it, try "Life of Pi". Great summer reading.


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