Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Scatterings

Here's a few of my observations and thoughts from the weekend...

-I'm going on day 667 with dryer problems. Maybe not that long but when you have laundry coming out the wazoo it feels as if you've been going that long with out it. Clean underwear has become a priviledge and not a right. The dryer guy came out today due to them forgetting to come out Thursday. Luckily I was able to get in a few rounds from their last visit. I got excited when he replaced the motor..and then I did two loads and it's out again. It's something with the breaker.

Sorry guys no Diego underwear today...Scooby was the underwear airing for today. I didn't get pics as well, you pretty much got the picture last time. I was however able to MacGuyver the clotheslinewrapping paper ribbon to higher ground, preventing the dog from getting it. Ma Ingalls would be so proud.

-I mentioned I'm a "Blockhead" right? Yeah I totally watched them a dozen times on You Tube this evening from their debut on the Today Show. I heart You Tube! I figure I need to learn the lyrics to the new song so I can be ready in Oct. Research people research! /wearing my dork badge proudly

-We had an issue with the printer. We got all excited and put photo paper in to print out my awesome spring photos of the boys. Somehow this caused the printer gods to go in an uproar and the printer jammed and barked and hissed. We took it back and got the floor model. Supposedly each ink cartridge is like $80 bucks! My love for this printer has gone sour.

-I love Wonderboy's randomness. There's a tease on a syndicated morning show in which Big Al will say something totally random and off topic and they put in a voice over with a deep booming voice saying , "It's Random Man" Yep that's WB. We were talking about our former pets and he mentioned our cat Joxer aka Captian Jack who disappeared about a year ago. WB stated his theory of where the cat went, in that someone took him home and then named him "Lucy". Yeeeaahh Ok. I'm almost certain that he got it off some show.

-I think the steam is running low from working so many weekends in a row. I'm just so tired and I can't get anything done in just one days time. Grocery shopping? Never heard of such non sense. Atleast were learning to scrounge up whatever we can.

-I came home today to what appeared to be a 3rd world country or a frat house. There were half n*kd children running around, trash and dishes everywhere and flies oh mercy the flies. (Hubs is trying to save the planet the electric bill by letting the back door open)

That's it my friends, it's the randomness that never ends. It just goes on and on my friends.

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