Monday, May 19, 2008

Learning Laundry

I know your tired of me belly aching about the laundry. Yet I have learned a few things from the past few weeks about this whole line drying stuff.

...Yeah go ahead and skip on I totally understand.

There are certain varieties of clothing material that take nicely to line ribbon drying, bed sheets, some soft fabric t-shirts, if not directly in the sun some underwear does nicely, however some get a little to starchy. I think it's all about the placement and the position of the sun and if the moon's rotation is pulling at high tide or low tide (I have no idea what I'm saying.) Jeans don't do so great on the lineribbon. Starchy jeans were so 1970..not that I would know about that since I'm a child of the 80's.
A little bit of vinegar in the wash does seem to help a little with the starchiness.

Since it's been around 102 degrees here in Texas, the clothes do dry rather know 3 hours kind of quickly.

I've been able to start up a quick load as soon as I get home and get the clothes out to dry before sunset. Those that don't get dry stay out all night. I should not have any problems with rain as we got our last good shower a week or so ago and that will probably be it for the rest of the summer.
Mosquito's and flies like that fresh air smell that comes from the fabric softener.

I hope this is my last post ever about the laundry. I'm honestly sick of it too. We hope to have an electrician come out soon. I'm going to guess they are going to tell us that our house is 40 years old and the wiring and voltage sux. Therefor everything will need rewired. We have had other issues with the breaker, like if there were to many things plugged in the kitchen it would flip the breaker on the fridge. Not to mention theres only 2 outlets in the whole kitchen but that's a ranting post for another day.

Since you endured this long how 'bout a cute pic of the Bossyboy?

*A random thought...some of you probably read She is quite the funnae (way funnier than I, and who wouldn't want to blog in 3rd person?) Any time I mention my Bossy, I hope your not confused on who'm I'm talking about. Of course you probably aren't cause your a very highly intelligent Internets.
I have considered changing all of their (being the boys) names to "normal" names or would that confuse you even more? Because it still wouldn't be their real name.

"Why yes Mom, I did eat all my vegetables, thank you for allowing me to have clean underwear today."


Krista said...

You are too funny! And actually I always line dry my jeans so they don't shrink up too short. I'm tall so I had problems in the past with my jeans getting a little high water after a year or two. Plus, they just last longer when they're not dried on high heat!
But the stiffness can take some getting used to!

Heidi said...

Adorable pictures. And such clean teeth.

Jessica said...

I understand your laundry whoas. We lost our washer a couple of months ago and the 5 days before the new one arrived was torcher. The local laundrymatt leaves much to be desired and I was not sure the clothes were more dirty after they were washer there than before. I am thankful for my new washer. I am sure a new dryer will be purchased soon due to the horrible noises that are currently coming from the old one.

Anonymous said...

Yes at times the Bossy thing would confuse me. But I'm good...

desirae said...

ohh.. Line drying.. My parents always made us do that with laundry during the summer, when we were younger. I can still remember how stiff EVERYTHING was.. (Towels were the worst.) It was like drying off with sandpaper. I think if my dryer wasn't working, I'd probably just go on a laundry strike.(I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work/last long... But I'd give it a lot of effort.) Found you from the mom bloggers club..

Anonymous said...

Ah I hate the laundry too- and often rant about it, so you are not alone:)

ali said...

Hi Jean! Cute boys--I've got 2 myself. Welcome to the club (the mombloggersclub that is)!

Christine said...

Sounds very familiar, both the laundry and the HOT temperatures.

Good job Mom on both the 'eating of all their veggies, and the clean underwear!! :)


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