Friday, May 16, 2008

I Love My Hubs

Hubs is not the type to be romantic on our anniversary. He just drives aimlessly around medium size city to keep me guessing on what and where were going. So I give you a list of random things he did.
-First stop- check out this awesome car he saw a few months ago. It was some kind of rebuilt 1960 something Camaro. I think he's having a little bit of a midlife crises...and then he saw the price and got over that mid life crises stuff real quick.
-Next was dinner, our favorite BBQ place. Remember them? They threw my BBQ plate at me and were just plain rude? Yeah how easy we forget. The ribs though were awesome and we totally kissed and made up.
-Next was Big Box Electronic store. I used to loathe going to Big Box electronic store. Now I'm totally entertained testing out Rock Band which is even way cooler than GH. They had Mario Kart for me to test out. I'm sure the BB people were thinking I was some crazy woman not sharing the wii steering remote to let the little kids play. Hey I had to test it out. It's really sad that hubs and I become so enthralled with what were doing that were totally oblivious to what the kids are doing. Were not that bad 9/10 their right there with us. Hubs and I were rockin it was awesome!
-After I thought the day couldn't get any better he stopped at office supply store. Left us in the car as he had to get something. Came back out with an awesome laser printer. I thought he was going to have to pick me up off the van floor. I've been trying and trying to win this puppy in all the giveaways forever! He sure knows my love language!
-Last but certainly not least, hubs and I are going to VEGAS next weekend!!! We haven't totally got it in stone (were waiting on our refund check..Uncle Sam says it's supposed to arrive sometime next week) were hoping for a last minute awesome deal. Woot!

**Caution Dork Alert Ahead!**
Don't say I didn't warn you...

NKOTB extended their tour and are coming to Big D!! (here's where I scream like a school girl)
Co-worker girl and I are so excited. Their coming right after my birthday so this will be an awesome awesome present. I think C's eyes just rolled in the back of his head and stayed.

It's been an awesome week and for once I'm not dreading or complaining about going to work Sunday even though I've been working the last three Sundays. It's funny cause normally I would complain about it so much that it would actually help C to remember that he has Dad duty. Since I have barely made one peep about it he totally forgot.

Cheers and Blessing to all of you and have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

I can so remember when NKOTB was THE concert to go see! It was kinda weird to see them getting back together! Have a great time in Vegas! (Rockband is very addicting! We spent countless hours playing every weekend when we first got it!)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to get to go to NKTOB. Do you remember my mom making me give my concert ticket to Dessie since I had the flu! I still have not forgiven my mom for that. I am glad that you had a great day!

Trey said...

Happy Anniversary! Vegas is awsome, and don't buy into the "yeah it's 110 in the day but at night it drops to 50" it doesn't, or at least didn't when we were there, it dropped to about 109 but its a dry heat (rolling eyes). Take a jacket just in case...

Anonymous said... are a dork..but that's why I love you!

Those printers totally suck up the ink..that is what I hate about them..but I love printing my pictures :-)


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