Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Airing Out My Laundry

My dryer is still on the fritz and will be until Thursday, when someone can come out! GAH! Weekends have included reverting back to 1808 and hanging most of our stuff outside to dry. Thank goodness Sunday was a gorgeous windless day.
I'm not a big fan of saving energy by hanging stuff out to dry. Maybe it's cause I have no clue. I mean you would think it would be simple enough..take the clothes out of washer and hang the clothes on makeshift clothesline like the fence, and use wrapping paper ribbon and tie it to the lamp posts. Classy. The problem is the clothes and towels get all stiff and smell like dog or sweaty children. I use liquid softener in the washer but it doesn't seem to help.
The boys did not know what to think about this whole situation. GB said, "Mom, are you doing it like they did in the old days?" I think they thought the whole thing was just fascinating and funny that they could see their underwear hanging out for all the world and neighbors to see. Their into that whole underwear...haha funny thing.
WB after hours of not noticing that wet clothes were strung everywhere, looked outside and simply asked "What is that?" as if it were some kind of ghost like invisible beings floating around wearing their clothes in our backyard.
Then there's the dog whom takes it upon himself to help me take down the clothes before their dry and drags them through the yard.
If you happen to be in the neighborhood and driving south down Troop highway just past Taco Bell and you look to the right just upon a lovely clearing of trees and see a slew of Diego underwear and Texas flag towels hanging in a wide variety of random directions and a mad dog running around the yard with clothing hanging from his mouth, that's us the Clampetts just airing out the laundry.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm sorry (snicker) to have to laugh (LOL) but that is just way too funny... :) I can totally see Abby doing the same thing as WB and not noticing for a long time either. :)

And the picture I have in my head of the dog running around the yard with your clean laundry is just priceless. :)

MP said...

There is something though about having air dried clothes that I like...

I can't imagine though doing it ALL by hand..like back in the "beat it on a rock" days.. No wonder everyone wore brown.

Krista said...

Ha ha ha! I love that picture with the underwear... :)
I actually hand dry a lot of my clothes so I guess I'm used to the stiffness... I don't have a problem with smells either...
I do with my towels sometimes (due to my funky husband!) and when they get bad I just dump a tiny bit of bleach in the wash and that takes the smell out. You can buy bleach for colors I think... or you could also try adding vinegar to an extra rinse cycle. That works really well on my stinky cloth diapers since you can't use bleach on them.


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