Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Randomness

Quirky does a ten on Tuesday where she posts 10 random things going from the past week or just whatever's on her mind. Since I'm all about the randomness, I think I will start doing this to, hopefully I can then restrict myself to only posting randomness once a week..or not.

-I've been loving tinkering around with the template on the blog. You didn't even probably notice the subtlties did you? Like that the side bar isn't near as squished up to the body, and the header is bigger, oh yeah and the signature thing.

-My head was still explosive this afternoon. I'm not a pill popper, in fact I'm a little paranoid of anything that requires me to take a pill. 3 Advil in one day is way more than I've ever taken ever. I think it's helped for the most part.

-I'm feeling really guilty that I haven't done jack in planning Wonderboys birthday (which is Saturday). Poor guy always gets the left overs of Gameboys parties. I asked hubs if he thought it ok if I leave up the caution fear factor stuff for him, though I guess it doesn't work for a Star Wars theme.

-Hubs is leaving in the morning to get his passport. You think he'll learn a lesson this time?

-Is it weird that I found my dog a comfort in a time of sickness and need? He was way concerned for me say more than a certain spouse of mine. Hub's doesn't do well when dealing with vomitous situations.

-I was actually keeping score of which orifice obtained more action during my sickness...yeah TMI I know.

-Hubs way of putting kids to bed is totally different than mine..like his way is way easier than mine. He literally just goes in their room and says "Go to bed", turns out the light and shuts the door. Somehow it doesn't quite work that way for me.

-I got a little spoiled with hubs doing all the taxi driving/feeding/putting the kids to bed thing. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.


Lawanda said...

My dh can do that too, at bedtime! I don't get it! Why does that not work for moms?!?!

I hope your head stops hurting soon!

I am having some bloggy giveaways on my blog in the next few days! I just thought you might wanna know that ;) haha

Quirky said...

Excellent randomness! Hope you're feeling better soon!


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