Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Im Better Despite The 50lb Bowling Ball For A Head

Thanks to all concerned for my well being. I'm better, my head just wants to asplode and stomach muscles are a bit tender. I hated taking a day off work that I don't really have, but I just wanted to play it safe.
I'm just tickeled that you guys are randomly calling me Jeanie now. I haven't been called that since High School. It's almost like I'm two people. Jeanie was such a fun girl. :)
Anyways thanks for caring. I will try to post something more post worthy soon...maybe.


jennifer said...

Well, "Jeanie", I just caught up with your troubles...glad your shrine to the porcelain gods worked.

KC said...

LOL Jean/Jeanie.. I'm sure both of you are fun :)
Sorry to hear your still not feeling that great.. (((HUGS)))
I just got all caught up on the post I was behind on.. Looks like such a fun birthday party.. and I use to LOVE New Kids.. I didn't know they were back..


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