Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Question

My hombre Trey..I mentioned him before (somewhere in there).
He finally got a blog set up. I won't link him cause he's kinda shy right now.
He's totally and completely new to this whole concept they call a blog. I say he should be putting that English degree to good use like the other bloggers do.
I kind of been teaching him the lingo..like gasp.. people get paid to do this!
He wants to be able to read other blogs that may be of interest to him. I'm pretty sure that does not include moms who blog, except of course for me because I'm special.
Here's my question: Where do I tell him to go to find other bloggers that may be of interest to him? I was thinking maybe stumbleupon, since a lot of bloggers use that to have people find them. I thought of good old google, but who knows where that would lead. Any other suggestions?
Thanks, you guys know your the best internets ever.


Krista said...

There's this site, I think it's called Alltop. It has pages for categories of bloggers and then lists all the famous ones. Like the one for mommy bloggers would have themooshinindy and 5 minutes for Mom, etc. Then suggest he browse and after finding a few he likes check the comments. That's a good way to find other smaller bloggers that he has things in common with.

MP said...

For me..I find one site that I truley love and then find that the commenters are usually people w/ the same interest and I go out from there...
A million years ago I started with daggonemad.com

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Technorati has a decent search function too, although I'm not sure how many blogs are listed on there anymore. Other than that, I'm with Krista about Alltop, or even a Google search with specific-enough search terms should at least give him a start. :)


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