Monday, March 31, 2008

A Few Random Things Since I'm Already Up Past My Bedtime

*New and improved randomness in bullet format, cause I'm feeling like shaking things up a bit around here. I'm hardcore like that.*

  • Tomorrow/Today whatever.. is my oldest kid's birthday. Yes he's an April Fool..I'll have a birthday post up later when I'm more coherent

  • My chi is all out of whack as we had to endure a Rainbo's an awesome machine and all, but even if they handed it to me practically free if I hand over my beloved Dyson and my first born child. I still probably wouldn't buy it today. Maybe in a few months from now when my spending priorities aren't along the lines of a second honeymoon in Vegas while the King re news my vows. I know a clean house or Elvis it's a weighty decision.
  • Ok here's the biggy...not really but my immediate supervisor at work has gotten a hold of my url for the blog...I think he was going to hold me for ransom if I didn't hand it over. So ladies I have my first male reader and he's a fan so far. It's a good thing he's a cool guy cause otherwise I'd have to give him someone elses random url. I'm going to have to think of a nifty psuedo name for him. I'm really trying to talk him into getting his own blog. You got that T? Get your own blog!
  • I am loving the handy
  • An update on the laundry situation...there is no update. The only process we he has made is that he requested new laundry baskets that are color coded. The options are pretty slim at the House of Wal on laundry baskets. White, Light Green or Beige. I instead went with the nifty multi laundry sorter that is color coded sorta. If I would have asked for something like this just for probably wouldn't have happened. Meanwhile were scaling Launeverest with the mountain of clothes. I'm really close to waving the white flag from the top and just saying I'll do it.
  • Speaking of the House of Wal..I realized just how much I hate going there. Post later.

I'm outta here

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Elaine A. said...

Oh so there's a birthday at your house tomorrow then, huh?

My oldest's b-day is Thursday (Apr. 2). We missed April Fool's by a day!

Hope you got all that laundry done, it has been a year... ; )

Thanks for linking up!


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