Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13- Things I've Accomplished For The Week

Since the kids are far far away for the week, that means I make it my mission to try to accomplish something around the house. I really wish I could have gotten more done but I think I did quite well, cause I wanted to actually chill for a bit while the kids are away also.

1. I'm able to go straight home from work and cut off a full hour of mom taxi driving time. If there's anything I enjoy more when the kids are gone is coming straight home after work and taking less than 5 minutes to get home. I come home raring to get things done after sitting at work all day. After the taxi run not so much.

2. Caught up on 50 tons of laundry, something about less beings in the house makes things awesome when doing laundry.

3. Cleaned the burner tops and the top of the stove. Yeah I admit this gets a wee bit neglected and can get rather ick. I also vowed to get a magic erase sponge from Mr Clean in hopes this might make things easier.

4. Cleaned out the microwave the whole vinegar and water heated in the microwave method really works and is awesome. I may actually clean the microwave more often.

5. Re organized and sorted the sock drawers. I took the advice of a Works For Me Wednesday by sparing my steps of going up and down the stairs for socks. I keep all of our socks in a roller drawer in the laundry room. Since we exit the house that way any way it made sense to keep the socks downstairs as well.

6. Made chocolate chip banana bread. If your in need of a really good banana bread recipe with a chocolate kick, check out the recipe at Baking Delights. I'm telling you its awesome and you don't have to make it just for Christmas.

7. De cluttered and vacuumed the living room. Something I normally don't have energy for during the week.

8. Re organized our filing system for bills and whatnot. It gets a little chaotic when the bills and mail just get shoved in a random folder to get it out of the way.

9. Cleaned out the fridge.

10. Finished reading Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone. GB has been getting on me to read it and finish it. He's 8 and is on book 4 which has 7 hundred something pages. I think his jaw dropped to the floor when I handed it to him. He can do it, it will just take him longer than the other 3. My co-workers were shocked that he's reading at such a high level. I'll be honest I wasn't reading 700 paged books in 3rd grade, even for my love of reading. Thank goodness he loves it too.

11. Re-organized the craft cabinet.

12. Break out the Easter stuff and see what needs thrown away and replaced. Easter is next Sunday folks, it's unbelievable how early it is.

13. Tomorrow night I'm going out for ladies night with the girls at work. No were not having our oil changed or "clubbin" just out to eat at a new restaurant. We so deserve it after all the crap they've got us doing at work.

That my friends is my Thursday 13 for the week.

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MP said...

If I didn't have cramps that made me want to die right now..I would be really motivated to go home and do something...we shall see, I really have no excuse.


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