Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nothing Like A Little Assualt To Liven Up My Day

WB(the preemie) was randomly attacked by a little girl at school yesterday. She scratched the heck out of his neck and snatched his glasses off of his face and hit him with them. Needless to say his glasses were bent to all heck. Sigh!
They called me at work and it kind of was a good thing that I wasn't able to answer the phone at the time so they called Hubs at home. Hubs is best suited to deal with these kind of situations. He immediately asked to speak with the little girls parents to ensure that they were going to pay for his glasses. Luckily the little girls parents were very cool and apologetic about the whole situation. You just never know with people anymore as some people are just jerks.
They were more than willing to do what was needed. Thank goodness!
Since I'm a nominee for mother of the year, I hadn't taken WB in to the eye doctor in over a year and his prescription was expired. The last pair we replaced were not under warranty and I wasn't about to buy another pair of glasses until we got him checked again. Since the girls parents were cool about everything we felt they didn't need to pay for them since he was due for a check up anyway. Nothing says get your butt in gear to have your kids eyes tested like an assault.
Since WB has strombosis(lazy eye) and is very very farsighted like cork goggles far sighted, it's very important that he have his glasses like yesterday. His eye doctor is the best in East Texas for pediatrics which means getting an appointment is like trying to get a date with Dr. Dreamy; it ain't gonna happen in the near future. Lucky the dear sweet appointment lady said we could get him in today with his associate. Big Relief!
Hubs obliged to pick him up this after noon to get him in, since he's so loving like that. At 2:50PM ..10 minutes before his appointment, I get a message from reception lady; You must pick up your child and take him to dr appointment since C cannot get him out of school. Hubs could not get his own flesh and blood out of school, because I didn't put my own husband down as someone who could pick him up. OOOPS! I assumed that putting him down as his father under the column that says "Father" would count. So I immediately sent a quick e-mail that I had to leave early and left work with out a trace. As you probably will know, I will never ever hear the end of that. Kudos to the school though for standing their ground on not letting him get him if he were in fact someone else.
Since my husband still loves me and forgives me for that little incident, he took the initiative and went to the eyeglasses place to see if the glasses were in fact fixable. What a relief to find they were and in perfect condition. So we saved the little girls parents money and ourselves money plus we have a new prescription to get him a back up pair.

So that's been my drama llama. Whew!


Lawanda said...

WOw! What a day! You do have your dh down now as someone who can pick up all your kids, right? ;)

Krista said...

And fun times were had by all, eh?


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