Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Getting A Little Nervous In The Service

Tomorrow is the big day. Race Day! If you couldn't tell I'm a bit obsessive over it.

Last year we went and tested out the car the night before, since it was our first time ever racing I was a bit apprehensive that our little mini van o flames would even make it down the track. Hubs wasn't much help as he didn't have much faith in us either. Our little racer made it beautifully down the track over and over again.

This year since we feel we've got this race thing down pat, we son decided he'd rather not go test it out. Needless to say I'm nervous. I don't know if this puppy is going to weigh right, much less make it down the track. I saw last year where a few cars didn't make it. The first thing I thought when I saw the poor cars not make was tsk tsk they should have taken it for a test run.

Here's how dedicated to this crazy race I am. I have in fact tested it several times on a makeshift large cardboard box. It pales in comparison to the actual track, but it has eased my mind that it at least rolls in one piece. I have also tested and retested the wheels and used the special powder lube over and over. I gotta keep those wheels spinning smooth and fluent

My precious son, who's race this is for, has all the confidence in the world in his hammering abilities of the wheels. He hasn't expressed a single concern about the race whatsoever. I realize I probably need to get a better hobby than Pinewood derbys.

I thought about taking the car up there tonight alone, which would certainly be awkward as it's not actually my car. It was also awkward that I was the only mom at the workshop. I guess I've always been the lone girl in a sea of guys. I'm used to it.

Tomorrow should be the last post I do rambling about this race, until next year of course. Hopefully we'll have pictures with trophies present either way you will get the full story with pics.

btw spell check is working! It's a gotta be a good sign of good things to come.

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