Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hi I Supposedly Do A Blog Here

Yeah I haven't been inspired to write anything lately. I've started half a dozen posts with pretty much nothing going for it. I even uploaded my first video to YouTube to entertain you with my 3 year old's cuteness. I thought nope it's lame, lame o, the kind of lame o that makes you roll your eyes and say lame o. It's really the only kind of cute that I would think is cute and probaby not you guys.

Instead I'll just bore you to tears with me saying; "I've got nuthn babe."

Here's a few random thoughts...
-Internet access at work has been hit or miss. One week I have full acess to everything and then the next week I'm blocked. This week is the blocked week. Grr

-The Derby workshop turned out awesome. I'm so happy I didn't have to go through the stress of sawing his car this year. Yeah I mentioned this already didn't I? My bad.
The funny thing was I took the car into the office to weigh it on the fancy mailing machine. Reception lady thought I was crazy. She doesn't understand that the fate of the world rests on the weight of this car and whether it qualifies. If it's over 5oz were gone, we're history, we're like the wind, outta there. We just can't have that or I'd have to crumble to the floor and throw a tantrum. We all know what happened at the Regatta.

-I do apologize for my obsessiveness on the derby. I don't get out of my house much other than the office. So this is like my creative outlet.

-I have a little secret...Im actually slightly excited hubs is leaving the country. I can finally watch what I want to watch on TV. I have yet to get a glimpse of American Idol this season. Stick It Ghost Hunters!

That's all I got folks. The ride stops here.

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MP said...

You crack me up...
I often have nothing to say but I blog anyway..
Once the ice melts I'll be able to go out to the post office..I'm such a loser, I am glad you still love me. I got SO many compliments on my necklace. I wore it yesterday!


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