Monday, February 11, 2008

Haiku Buckaroo Part 2

It's Haiku Buckaroo time again at My Mommy's place. I haven't been keeping up with the Friday 'Ku's cause normally inspiration comes to me at work, and well since I'm on lock down at work, I don't get to post. Anyway here is my stab at the second go around.

Found a stinky log.
Did you poopie on the floor?
Doggie did it Mom.

And another

Joy, Love, and Boys
What could a mom want more of?
Chocolate for me.

Think You Want To Try?
There are prizes to be won.
And Be The 'Ku 'Roo.


Leslie said...

Okay, these are all great, but the first one? Made me spit my drink out it was so funny!

Thanks for entering the contest. Good luck!

Leslie said...

Hey! You're a category finalist!!!


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