Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thursday 13- Buggie Things

There's been a few random things that's been just getting on my nerves the past few weeks. I just wanted to get it out there. Hopefully I have 13. In no special order...

1. Radio ads that advertise for keeping your car tag up to date and immunize your kids. They put them in a format to be catchy sing songy to get stuck in your head. I think it's a state conspiracy or something.

2. Work still has the Christmas tree up. Shows just how hillbilly we Texans are I guess. I finally asked reception lady what the deal was. They decided to keep it up and redecor the tree for Valentines, and then Easter. This is just wrong on so many levels. Specially for a place of business.

3. The cold. We're used to just a week or so of sub cold temperatures, none of this below 40 degrees every day for weeks and weeks kind of crap.

4. My dog is in this teenage like state where he feels the need to totally destruct the house. Anything stuffed with polyfil is shredded. Just when I got both Gameboy and the other two's rooms purged, oganized, cleaned, he totally destroyed the pillows and stuffed animals that are left in GB's room. Last night I went to bed and MY pillow was destroyed. I draw the line when it comes to my pillow.

5. A certain somebody that lives in this house has been nit picking at me on just random stupid crap. I'm not gonna mention names or anything, but I am married to him.

6. The fact that I haven't played GH3 in over two weeks. It's like I've been in the mood but not in the mood.

7. I've been waking up at 330 in the morning every morning for several days now. When I start to roll over the dog thinks it's time to wake up. Not cool.

8. I found a tick on my cat tonight!? I thought these dudes burrowed in the ground during the winter and would freeze to death and all their egg babies would die...guess not

9. That I've had to drive the Burb the past few days. I realize I'm whining..sorry

10. The serving dishes I ordered online right after Christmas are on back order til the end of Feb.

11. The Packers lost to the Giants.

12. I want to have a Super Bowl party, but now I'm not in the mood due to the opponents.

13. Yeah I'm sure there's something else I could conjure up...but I will spare you this last one. You're welcome.

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A Chelsea Morning said...

I think these twelve will hold me, Jean. LOL

Boy, that Christmas tree at work sounds like a terrible idea. What on earth are they thinking? I don't know what kind of business it is, but it would be really weird to walk into ANY office and see a "Valentine" tree or an "Easter" tree because no matter what they do, it's going to look like a Christmas tree wearing the wrong outfit. :-)


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