Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh Valentine Tree How Lovely Are Your Branches!

Yeah doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it? I wanted to elaborate a bit more on the "tree".
The office ladies have a thing about this office Christmas tree. It really is a beautiful decorated tree with all the fancy expensive breakable ornaments and the additional floral garnishments and what not. Their mighty proud of their tree.
I think it was about this time last year they took the tree down. In fact I had to be the one to bring it up to reception lady last year of why the tree was still up. The excuse was that the "office" wanted to show it off to the big wigs that were coming down from WI, so they needed to keep it up. Now I don't tend to understand men that well, I barely understand my own, but I'm thinking men really don't give a riff about pretty Christmas trees that are still up at the end of January. I'm just sayin.

This year the big wigs have seen the "awe"some tree. I felt I was patient this year, expecting any Monday on when returning to work all would be put away. So I finally brought it up again. The answer was "Were leaving it up through the rest of the holidays, and putting Valentines decor and then Easter decor on it and after that it should be time to move and we'll take it down then."
In other words it appears their to "lazy" to take down the tree. Yet they did add the special Valentines decor. I thought it funny because, the very day I asked about the tree, later that day the Valentine decor was on the tree. Classy

We don't get very many clients actually come to the office. We do hold training classes on the program on rare occasions (which btw we had a class this week) so no one to really judge except ourselves maybe... ahem

A co-worker mentioned that we should just put up all the decorations for all of the holidays and then just take each set down after that holiday, so by the time Christmas rolled around that would be all the decorations that would be left. Makes perfect sense to me.

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