Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nothing That A Vanilla Shake And Tots Won't Cure

**Warning! This is a message from the national mother blogger service; a hormonal work raged rant is in process. Please take cover and find the nearest chocolate and ice cream and take fetal position immediately!**

Today I thought was going to be a regular normal work day. Then we had our regular weekly meeting of the minds meeting. Mr Bossman announced that one of our fellow co-workers would be promoted to "doing the exact same thing we do, only with a fancy title and little raise position". This so called position has been open for a while and in all seriousness really did not need filled. If you probably would have asked just about anyone in our slowly dwindling department, most everyone would have assumed I would get this overrated, very little raise position. I've got the most tenure right under "overrated expert person with fancy title that means nothing position." Nope instead it went to very "young co-worker friend." You know the saying to many Chiefs and very little Indians? That would be our department.

I have nothing at all against "very young co-worker friend". I really just needed an explanation for the reasoning of boss man's choice, "as very young co-worker friend" has a lot less experience and has no future plans with this company as he's just getting by til done with college and out of his mom's house. See I told you he's "very young" like just became legal to drink last year (07) very young. Not that I have anything against that.

I made it through work in well constrained denial. I was kicking myself for even being halfway ticked about it, as this position really means absolutely nothing except for the title. I had to at least keep telling myself this. I'm usually the top ranking worker in the department and usually can field twice as many calls as than others (not that I'm bragging, but boss man shows me the numbers and brags to bigger boss man). Not that it really means jack other than boss man likes those kind of productive numbers and if I'm pulled away to do other possible meaningless responsibilities with fancy job title, than less possible productive pretty shiny numbers. This for right now is the only reasoning I can come up with at the moment of boss man's choice.

If there's anyone on this planet who will defend my honor it's hubs and he's done it before. He's royally ticked about the whole situation. He's ticked off for me, while I'm just the blubbering hormonal idiot. I love hubs, he really is my knight in shining honor. I know he really hates that there's absolutely nothing he can do for me on this one. Unlike the last time. Yeah he's literally rescued my job before by throwing his weight around with big bossmen at big company. They didn't like that to much and old boss man had to call me at home and beg me to come back. It wasn't pretty and well big boss men let C. know that next time let "me" handle the situation. Ha like that's gonna happen. I'm gonna be a big chicken this time and not say anything just like last time. Sure I should find out more about the situation, but then why? Like I told C even if "very young co-worker friend" gets any kind of raise it will be what he was probably going to get just being less fancy job titled doing the same thing with fancy job title would have been. Is all this rambling clear as mud?

Anyways needless to say I was a bit in the dumps . Hubs decided to cheer me up by browsing the grocery aisles at our leisure and I found random things that I'd never really seen before in the grocery store, like whole chicken in a can and frozen frog legs from China. Amazing the things you find when no kids are in tow at the grocery store. He then thought Sonic would be the cure. I have to say that I do feel a lot better now.

Sorry for the hormonal rage. I needed to purge this out so I can be happy sunshine productive worker again tomorrow. I'm taking this whole thing as some simple hints that things happen for a reason and there's a greater plan for me somewhere, sometime. I'm just gonna kind of go with the flow and see what doors open for me.

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Krista said...

I've had a crappy day too... unfortunately mine was mostly due to the hubby.


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