Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Terrifying Toys

Bossyboy is of course bossy and is not afraid to push his brothers around and his mom if he can get away with it. He's even threatened ME, that if I didn't behave Santa wasn't coming to see me. How's that for reverse psychology thrown back in your face? He's all tough until it comes to animated objects

The strange thing about this bossy 3 year old, is some of his toys or animated objects frighten him terribly. I've mentioned his aversion to Chuckie and how he did not want anything to do with him. He now has a fear of Thomas.

The only Thomas the Train item we have in the entire house is one that Wonderboy had when he was little. It's one of those ones that had musical disks and when you placed it in it's back he chugs along singing the song loud and annoying. (Would you believe it's nowhere to be found on Amazon?) It's a rather large train and of course he has that evil innocent face where his eyes blink as he's chugging along. Bossy is scared to death of this train at night and demands asks that I put it far away out of sight before he goes to bed. He's fine playing with it during the day. I took a closer look at this Thomas and he has the evil eye that gave me the heeby jeebies. I certainly don't want to see those eyes looking at me at night.

Last night he came strolling into my bedroom at 2AM and just casually asked me while I was half asleep, "mommy why do I get so scared at night?" my half asleep heart melted a little bit. I didn't have an answer and just told him to get in my bed and go to sleep. Poor little guy, I guess I have to get rid of all the toys with large animated faces.


Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch said...

He'd be scared out of his mind at my house.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

Lawanda said...

Awww. I don't blame him. Some of those things scare me too!


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