Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lotto Scam

Dear Mrs. Mayer Lotto Coordinator of Yahoo,
You sent me a lovely semi-legit looking e-mail to my yahoo account saying that I had won the fabulous Euro Yahoo Lottery. Who knew that Yahoo got involved in this whole foreign lottery scam thing? I almost semi was falling for it ( I admit to being a smidge naive) as you had all of Yahoo's pretty little clip art on the page and then even had the audacity to place a link to Yahoo's home page as part of you're little closing title, oh and nice random head shot of a friendly looking white lady to seal it off. You probably found some random picture of an innocent Yahoo employee.
I then began to thoroughly read through the horrific grammar and spelling issues in the meat of the e-mail and noticed that it all fell in the same lines as the random foreign lottery winning e-mails I get. You know the ones requiring all kinds of information about me, like what my sex is, and my job address and any other specific information from me you could get. You'd probably want my blood type to if you could get it. I hear kidney theft is a big thing on that side of the globe. I then noticed that the requested e-mail to send the information back to was a gmail account. Mmmm... funny I don't recall Gmail and Yahoo being in cahoots?
I just wanted to say Mrs. Mayer(or whatever/whoever you think you are) that you almost fooled me with you're crafty clip clip art ways, however you have to be the stupidest scammer on the planet to get Yahoo's name mentioned on this scam and not having any kind of coherent sentence structure and then have the information sent to a G-mail account. I could probably submit this to Yahoo so that they could sue the pants off of you, but you probably have no pants since you're trying to actually get my money instead of giving me money. I'm sure there's some kind of copy right, defamation of character kind of thing going. They probably wouldn't do anything, as you're just a pesky leach sucking on the blood of a naive society.
Good luck with that whole lottery coordinator thing.

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Sonya said...

I get these emails all the time and they drive me nuts! I just delete them now but it is very annoying!


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