Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Least Favorite Things

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and declare my least desirable gift I have ever received where we are confessing our worst gift list at Real Life.

I just have to say one thing, I love my MIL to death. She spoils me and the kids every year by taking me on a shopping spree for Christmas. I usually get to pick out a new out fit and clothes for the boys. I love it really I do. Except for the year when she insisted, I have this one particular man's shirt. If she finds a bargain she's going to grab up as many colors and styles as she can. Men's clothes are just as good as a women's.

I tried to be polite and tell her it wasn't necessary that I have this particular shirt. It was one of those ribbed type shirts that men wear like under a sports jacket, probably something the Miami vice guys wore. She insisted that I choose a color any color as this was just a great deal (of course it was a great deal, it was a style of shirt from 1988). She already had 3 or 4 colors just for herself. I relented and went with the purpley black color. Probably the most manly color they had (why did I have to choose that color of all colors?). I knew it would be one that I would never ever ever ever ever wear.

Fast forward a few months after Christmas. I was running late and just needed something that would go with some black slacks that wasn't dirty/wrinkled, there it was just sitting there in all it's purpleness with a spotlight basking on it's presence. I think there was a choir in the back of the closet singing it's praises. I had no other choice, I had to wear that shirt.

I stroll into work as usual and have a conversation with a co-worker who is male. He looks at me and says, "Where did you get that shirt?" at this point panic has set in. He's found me out, that I'm a woman wearing men's clothing. THE SHAME!!! I had to play it off, that it was a gift from my MIL. I have no clue where it came from or the intentions of the person who purchased it for me. I didn't have to mention that I was physically there when I was forced to pick this shirt out. Those kind of details were not needed.

He casually mentioned that he has a shirt just like it, in fact the exact same color and everything. I'm dying inside. I think there was an awkward silence at this point. There's nothing worse than when someone else, usually of the same gender have the same outfit. I think it's doubly worse when someone of the opposite gender have the same outfit. The shirt will be burned the moment I get home. There will never be any kind of tempt to wear that shirt again!

I did in fact strip the shirt off the moment I got home and immediately placed it in the garage with the other items to dispose.

I got to thinking about this and maybe he was just as mortified as I was. Maybe he thought he had been wearing a woman's shirt!

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Thats is a funny story!


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