Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mission Almost Impossible

We got Gameboy an actual bed since the poor thing has been sleeping on a futon mattress since forever. Basiclly his baby brother took over his bunk and moved out of his own room, forcing Gameboy to move into his baby brother's room.
We bought this bed a few weeks ago, but never got around to actually putting it together, as the 50 pound 7 foot box was going to be next to impossible to manuever up the stairs, so it stood in our front entry the whole time. I finally last weekend broke into the box and had Gameboy help me carry each piece up the stairs. From there the pieces sat in his room for a week.

I knew this was going to be a task that I by my lonesome was going to have to do. I was dreding it like the plague. I got down and dirty Saturday afternoon and it took me all afternoon and late in to the evening to do it. After assembling one pannel wrong and having to redo it and then wrestling with the drawers to put together I was that close to finishing. I was proud of my accomplishment I did it and asked for no help from hubs. Sure there were a few times I came stomping down the stairs cussing like a sailor cause something wasn't going right, but I went back up after a quick break and fussed at it some more.
Then it happened, I was completely done all I had to do was slide my bad boy drawers into the under belly of the beast. I pushed and shoved and grunted and for whatever reason I couldn't get the da*n things pushed in. It was already 9pm and children had to get to bed, and I had to claim defeat.
Sunday morning I whined to hubs about why I couldn't figure out why the drawers would not push in. Hubs went up and in less than 2 minutes had those drawers pushed in as easy as a greased pig. He had put the icing on my cake and I was a little peturbed. "All you had to do was hammer the railing in a little more" he said so all smart aleckie and knowing. I did 99.9% of that dang bed and he comes down all proud as if he had done it all his own self. PPPfffftttt
The bed is done, thank god, and all we need now is to get the poor kid a mattress cause were nothing if not procrastinators on things.

This is how I had to leave my little project unfinished..it drove me crazy.

I think he's going to like it though.

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