Thursday, November 15, 2007

Im channeling Donna Reed

I won a really cute home made apron and some other goodies from a giveaway at Baking Delights
Let me just say that I really felt like the happy little working momma homemaker.
My lovely assistant Gameboy assisted me by having a photo shoot of me in my apron. (Please ignore the clutter that is my kitchen..let's just say it's a very very small kitchen.)

I was overly compelled to make corn bread to go with the soup I was already making. I never get inspired on a weeknight to bake even if it is corn bread. The apron really must have done something to me.

Retro momma in the house. I totally am now one with my retro house. The only thing missing is the cheesy sparkly smile. Do you dig the wall paper?

Here's my little vampire photographer devouring some cornbread. I'd say he did a pretty good job with my shoot..


marye said...

I love this!
You are beautiful..and hysterical. I am glad that yu are inspired...
I am sbnagging your picture for Baking Delights...

LeeAnn said...

You look very chic in your new apron!!! It looks like a great fit!!!
Lee Ann


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