Thursday, November 8, 2007

I had no clue how effective Red Ribbon Week was..

So the boy's schools put on a big hoopla for drug awareness by doing the whole red ribbon week. You think great wonderful, but do you ever think how very educational? Sure they teach the kids drugs are bad, say no to drugs, but do you know how detailed they get into about drug awareness and education? I really had no clue, until we had an interesting turn of events this evening.

Were driving home, which felt like midnight, though it was really only 5:30PM and Gameboy got one of his notorious nose bleeds. He gets them all the time and it's really no big deal. Hubs handed him half the box of kleenx for his nose and that was it. Wonderboy however asked Gameboy if he could see "it". Ugh no.
He then began to tell Gameboy "that he must be on drugs for getting so many nose bleeds. "
Hubs and I looked at each other in shock. How the heck would he know something like that?!

The only thing I could even figure where he got this from was RRW. Unless he's upstairs watching some crazy after school special on Disney channel, cause nobody 'round here has ever talked about what kind of signs to look for in a person doing drugs. Not that nosebleeds are the number one sign or anything but we've all seen Pulp Fiction. Cause everything I learned about drugs, I learned from Pulp Fiction. I know he didn't get it from that cause well..ahem..cough.. uh we would only watch that after the kids are in bed, it's not like it's hub's and I's guilty pleasure movie kind of movie..cough. Besides he wouldn't pick up on something like that so easily. He's pretty smart I admit, but not in a common sense put two and two together kind of smart.

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Lawanda said...

Isn't it so surprising what they DO pick up?! Kids, I mean ;)

I watched pulp fiction and can only remember that I liked it. haha So much for me picking up on anything! HAH! So, if you liked Pulp Fiction, I think you'd prolly like American Gangster. Wow. It really opened my eyes to the junkie world. (SCARY) There are a few images I don't think I will ever be able to get out of my head. (Watch it first and then I will tell you which images that would be! haha)


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