Friday, November 30, 2007

The Gift of Wonder

I'm the type of person that doesn't like surprises. I just have to know what my gifts are. I can't stand to leave them to sit all packaged awaiting days if not weeks to be opened. I think my family caught on to this as they learned to never set anything wrapped out until the exact minute I was to open it. This goes the same for hubs. The suspense just kills me. Even hiding my gifts was not a great idea as I always knew where the hiding places were and checked them daily up until Christmas. This was a time when I had my speculations of Santa and had to find out the truth. I was bad, I think I liked the challenge of the hunt and the sneakiness.

Since I had to know everything and anything about all the gifts, I also knew the wrapping paper. Anything outside of the norm was suspicious and there for was inspected whether it was for me or not. Except one year my parents snuck some by on me one Christmas morning.

Santa never wrapped his presents, so on Christmas morning after getting a fantastic ten speed bike and a couple of Cabbage Patch dolls (a few years after the craze). One fairly large mysterious wrapped gift remained. It had no gift tag and was shoved in the very back of the tree. After finally being prompted to go ahead and open it. I got my coveted keyboard, that I hadn't even really asked for, yet I really wanted to take piano lessons. I demanded to know who it came from, and mom just simply stated that they came from Santa. This was not a good enough answer as I know Santa and he doesn't have time to wrap the presents. Yet I never really got a clear answer. Yes I even searched the house high and low for that wrapping paper with no luck. It started to make me re think this Santa fellow and that he just might really exist.
A couple years later when the confirmation of Santa was pretty well clear and my parents pretty much gave up on trying to hide things, I asked mom about the mysterious packages from a few years earlier, and she still convinced me that they came from Santa. I believe my parents really tried to bring back to me the mystery and wonder of Christmas that year, and that was one of my most memorable gifts of all.
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