Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anakin Guest Posting

There will be certain days where I will have nothing mind blowing to post(shocking isn't it?) in those instances I will have a guest poster. In other words a member of my family will be forced to post on the blog. Today's guest poster is Annakin my dog. He's here to show off the new camera and how it brings out the lovely detail of how really dirty my carpet is.

I enjoy waking mom at 6am on weekends to let her know it's time for work. I don't understand why she gets mad at me about this. I'm just trying to help. I also don't understand why she gets mad at me when I dig her out of bed before bedtime. Doesn't she know that bedtime isn't until after 10PM?
Mom likes to blog. I like to show off my rope tricks. She's also reading her Fall Reading challenge book Peace Like a River. She's really really far behind on the challenge. Don't you love her 80's retro wood panneling? Grooovey man.
See how dirty mom's carpet is? It's really a little embarrassing to her. She has to understand that she has 3 boys, a dog, and a cat to deal with. Her carpet will always be a dirt magnet no matter how many times she vacuums it.

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