Monday, October 1, 2007

Who Doesn't Love a Baby Shower?

5MinutesforMoms is having a virtual baby shower and giving away great prizes! We were first invited to show off are most agonizing in labor shot. I don't have any real pre labor shots as that was the last thing on hubs mind and I had 3 C-sections anyway. I will however share a pic of me with Bossyboy (the youngest) after recovery.

I also got very few pics of my 3 bellies. I'd have to find them and scan them in as it was pre digital camera. I do however have 3 good birth stories but will spare you and only give you one. Which one was hard as all 3 in my opinion were significant. I'll go with Gameboy the oldest as Wonderboy's story would take two posts since he was a preemie.

It was the eve of April Fools day and hubs made specific instructions to me that I was not allowed to have this baby on April Fools day. Guess who was the fool? All day long of the 31st, I was feeling super fantastic so fantastic that cleaning the house sounded like an excellent idea.
Later that night hubs decided he needed to make a run to the grocery store. I decided I had done my share of cleaning for the year and headed on to bed. The moment I started to lay down the Braxton Hicks were stronger than normal. Great go figure hubs would be out the minute I go in labor. I started timing them as they started to become more intense. I was nervous because after a couple of hours hubs was still not home yet and the contractions were coming on stronger. He finally got in and I told him the news, it was exactly 12:15 AM plenty of time for a April Fool baby. Hubs was not impressed.

We called the hospital and of course they were in no hurry to take me as it was a first birth and they felt I had plenty of time. We called again about 2AM , the contractions were right at 5 minutes. I didn't want to wait around any longer. I arrived at the hospital and since it was a new moon, blue moon there was no room in the "Inn". Every other mother in the county was giving birth that day. The nurse did allow us to stay the rest of the night in the exam room as she thought we lived a ways from the hospital. I didn't sleep at all the rest of night. Hubs took the chair and slept like a baby.

At 8AM sharp I had them check me. I was a 5 which meant I was in. I was determined not to leave the hospital. The doc on duty was apprehensive and decided he needed to check me as well, he felt I was a good 4, still enough to stay. I remained in labor the rest of the day and friends and family were called. I progressed fairly well and slowed down with the epidural.

5PM it was push time. I pushed for what seemed like forever and a day and still no progression. They shut down my epidural and had me push some more. Still no go. At 6:30 I was in every possible birthing position known to man. I tried squating, I tried using the overhead bar, I even tried turning around, I was acrobatic to say the least, if they told me standing on my head would work, I probably would have tried that too. The nurses had never seen anything quite like it. He still just would not get passed my pelvic bone. I was determined to get this kid out the right way.

7pm and it was time to call in the big guns. The chief resident head hauncho was called in on Good Friday to come and check out the situation. He took one look at me and said your having a C-Section. 30 minutes later and I was in O.R. As I laid there waiting for them to prep me up and get the epidural going again. I was in such pain that the only thing to make it better was to push, yet they repeatedly told me, you don't have to push anymore. Gameboy was so wedged in my pelvis that they had to use the foreceps just to wedge him back out the other way.

He was born perfectly healthy will a small sore on the front of his head from the friction of his head on my pelvis. His head was 12 cm round, way to big for a 10cm cervix.

Of course no shower would be complete with out pics of me as a kid and my babies as babies.
This is me at 4 getting ready for my dance recitle.

Wonderboy is the little bundle. This was one of many hospital visits for Wonderboy. Gameboy was probably 14 months.
Bossyboy just home from the hospital with big brother Wonderboy.

Now for the prizes! I would love to win the water color painting from Graced Designs, I've never seen anything like it and it would certainly be a heirloom to keep forever. The Mom Bracelets just look fun and funky. Everything looks great so I'd be happy with anything!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Aww, I love the photos and the story! :)

Jen said...

Hi Im cyper partying

Ive had 3 csections too

you have a lovely family

Like the photo of you when you were little

HotMama said...

Such a great story, I want to hear your preemie story too - you should post it for your record, and of course, my viewing pleasure. LOL

Posh Mama said...

what sweet pics! I am LOVING all these great birth stories! Check mine out.. :)

Posh Mama said...

what sweet pics! I am LOVING all these great birth stories! Check mine out.. :)

Auntie Em said...

Your photos are great. You have a beautiful family.


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