Monday, October 22, 2007

Something Tells Me I'm Not Twenty Any More

**I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago after my 30 th birthday. I figured it might be a bit brash and didn't post it. I figured what the heck and decided since from Dates to Diapers was having a birthday bash herself I would go ahead and post it. I admit I was a bit hungover.**

So I made a brief mention that I was having a date last night. It wasn't exactly a date but a brew-ha-ha with my coherts-peeps from work. Hubs was gracious enough to watch the boys and let me dive into being thirty the mature way by getting stinkin drunk. He's a gem the hubs.
I really wanted this outing simply for the fact that your only 30 once in your lifetime and it is kind of a coming of age age. Since I didn't get to have my 21st birthday party bash like normal 21 year olds as I was 5 months pregnant with my first kid, I promised myself that nothing would stop me from having my blow out birthday when I turned 30. So I did.

I had a great time and had no worries as I had my DD. We all ate at my favorite restaurant and had some bitchin margaritas. 2 was more than plenty! I will admit I came home at 3 o clock in the freakin morning this morning. Now I feel like crap. Yet here I am up at 8 am of the same morning I just came home on and dealing with a 3 year old who does not want to watch Handy Mandy and wants to just be loud, obnoxious, and well a 3 year old. He's even given me threats of spankin my bottom. Welcome to reality Jean, your not 20 anymore! Happy 30th birthday!

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Christine said...

Thanks for playing along! GOOD LUCK!!


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