Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chaos Theory Revised

I have mothers rendition of chaos theory: When the husband is out of town for the day, everything that never happens when he's home, happens 10 fold when he's not home.

Here is my Thursday 13 rendition of every chaotic thing that did happen today with hubs being gone.

1. Work was crappy. I was never hired on to the company for my mathematical expertise. Yet every other call I had today was related to mathematical equations on the software, wondering why their figures were showing incorrectly. That's really not my job, my job is to fix the broken software. Each mathematical call lasted me a good hour. UGH!

2. I get to the daycare and get a stern note about BossyBoy and his horrible behavior and that time outs and getting on the color red does not phase him and to please help as the preschool teacher is out of ideas. Welcome to my world daycare lady.

3. After getting all 3 boys it never fails their going to whine about something. Nothing new I just need to fill in space.

4. We get home, and the dog has been pinned up in the entry so he doesn't tear stuff up. He hasn't been pinned in a long while since hubs hasn't been gone in awhile. He of course found something to tear up. My Autumn wreath made of sticks..totally demolished it.

5. The big boys are next door visiting with their neighbor boy friend. I have to drag Bossyboy while yelling and screaming because he can't go over there like the big boys.

6. Bossy Boy sneaks out while I'm throwing the pizza in the oven, a chase pursues outside.

7. During the chase the dog also gets out. Another chase across the neighborhood ensues. It's really a lot like herding cattle. If I had a lasso I so would have used it.
8. Finally the cattle children and dog are rounded up into the house, and there's smoke billowing out of the stove. I could not figure out for the life of me what happened as the pizza was not even half way cooked. I removed the pizza, turned the oven off and aired out the house. Put the pizza back in and all was well.

9. Bossyboy comes in the house with a decaying pull up that somehow was dug out of the trash from the back yard. It looked like the dog had tried to bury it as it was covered in dirt. I promise it was dirt!

10 I demand Bossyboy to put that nastiness in the trash. He throws it in the trash and then immediately volts for the leftover waffle that was also thrown in the trash previously. He stuck it in his mouth faster than grease lightning. UGH!

11. I intended to have a relaxing evening of watching a movie to blog-in other words boys pick a movie so Mom can defrag. No one could agree on a movie to watch. After 10 minutes of bickering on what movie to watch, the one they pick is scratched.

12. Hubs came home earlier than expected. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just had planned to do little things like clean while he was gone.

13. Since I don't really have anything else to add. I will say that hubs spontaneously bought me roses for no reason today. This was totally unexpected since he was in Houston dealing with passport issues. Any additional task at hand is just not usually on the radar for hubs. Of course I had to go through the whole story to all the co-workers of "No it's not my anniversary", "No as far as I know hubs has not done or spent anything out of the ordinary", "No it's not an apology for the blame on the passport-that would never happen." He just did, just because. Maybe it's his own secret way of apologizing. Nontheless it was a nice surprise.

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, I hope the roses helped make up for the rest of your day! Sounds like mine do sometimes... :)


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