Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This letter writing thing is pretty theraputic

Dear Cellphone Lady,
I noticed that it never fails we seem to run into each other about the same time almost everyday. Of course you usually don't really notice me but I definitely notice you.
We seem to meet in the most awkward place. A place that I like to consider somewhat private even though it is for public use. A place where in my book, you get in do your business and get out. For some reason you seem to think this is a place to chill and talk to your homegirls on the phone, while conducting your other business.

I just wanted to let you know that this really is one of my biggest pet peeves and the problem is, I only encounter this issue in this one particular place that I go to every day to receive a wage to put my kid's through daycare. You and only you are the one that does it. I'm usually a pretty easy going gal in fact, I usually let a lot of things that annoy me "slide" cause I'm nice like that. However your conducting business and chatting on the phone is beyond bearable.

The funny thing is, I somewhat feel almost guilty trying to conduct my own business in fear that I may actually be disturbing your conversation. Then there's that whole plumbing thing that makes a lot of noise when I'm done conducting my business. I'm usually one that will go out of my way to be conspicuous as possible when attending to my business but some things like removing waste material from the porcelain business zone can be rather loud (the whole whooshing thing). To do something that is good manners for the person after me, I don't believe I should have to feel guilty or apologize for doing this. I'm not doing anything any other normal person would do to conduct their business. It's not like I'm trying to cause a stink about this, in fact it wasn't me causing the stink..but I wont go there.
Another thing, I look forward to drawing water in total peace and quiet for a change since I have 3 children that doesn't allow any kind of peace. I of course have the choice to go all the way down stairs to allow me to conduct business in private, but that's just not practical to my time schedule.
I just want you to know that yes it is me that comes in about that same time every day and who interrupts your conversation with the infamous whoosh. I also want to let you know that I am not in anyway trying to indulge in your conversation as I sit and wait to conduct business. I just have public issues drawing water and it takes me a moment. Not that I should have to explain myself, I'm just saying. All I'm really trying to say is for the love of Pete get off the cell phone when conducting you business in the Public Restroom!!

Thanks for nothing for your inconsiderate uncooperation,


Krista said...

You have no idea how that makes me laugh! I'm never bold enough to say anything out loud either, but it bugs me forever!
And I've had to train my mother not to answer her phone at home and then go in the bathroom because then I can hear it on the other end... ew!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Don't you wish you could give her this letter, anonymously?


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