Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's begining to look like Christmas..oh wait

I received my prize in the mail from Kim at hormonecoloreddays. She sent all kinds of great stuff for the boys and me. Hello can anyone say chocolate!
The Lands End backpack is just perfect for Wonderboy, he doesn't have a lot of homework and usually doesn't get many papers so the Junior was a perfect fit.

We also received a few awesome samples of sugar free chocolate powder for milk. The boys downed their milk and Gameboy said it was better than the syrup. Looks like were going to have to look into that.

The Spatulatta Cookbook looks like a winner here. Gameboy is already picking out recipes he wants to try.

So all in all we are thrilled with our prizes and it was so awesome of Kim to add the extra goodies and books so all 3 boys could enjoy something.
Of course as I promised Kim, pics of my boys and their loot.
Gameboy with his new pack.

Gameboy in disbelief over all the great stuff we got.

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Congratulations, again. Enjoy everything!



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