Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Breakdown

I'm kind of in mode where I don't feel in the least bit creative to cook up a juicy post for you. I will work on that as I've been encouraged to tell my fabulous tale of what brought us here to good ol Texas. Look forward to that in the near millennium. Today you just get a random list of thoughts I need to purge.

-Friday is normally Haiku Friday where I bring you the week in review in Haiku..maybe next week. I've just been lazy today.

-Send some thoughts and prayer over to Heather as she's having a rough time with infections right now. I'm sure you've all heard of her. She's a trooper that's for sure. I really don't know how she does it.

-I was in a mode of panic or with drawl as for some reason I thought PDub hadn't posted in over 2 weeks. Thankfully Dawn who was filling in at the Dana Files let me know that she is indeed posting and posting about how she met MM. If your not reading Pioneer Woman, you seriously need to if for anything her awesome recipes. I thought she was gone forever, but no it was just Google Reader all screwed up.

- Why yes..yes I am rambling, I'm allowed.

-Hubs is possibly going to England at the end of Sept. or beginning of Oct. for work. This really ticks me off as A. It gives me no time to get my own passport to go with him B. He will possibly be gone on my birthday, which ticks me off cause I'm turning 30 and need all the help I can get getting through that hangoverdepressing time. This will be his first major trip out of the country, so I'm also just a little nervous about that. Of course he's stoked cause he knows he's going out of town when Aunt Florence comes for a visit.

-One good thing about hub's going out town is it allows me to thoroughly clean the house or as he would say to trash his crap. I never throw anything away that looks somewhat "important", hubs of course would say that's B.S. He hasn't been out of town in a coon's age so I look forward to getting a lot done.

-An old friend from high school, found me on that space that is mine. We've known each other since 2nd grade. It makes one feel a little special that someone you haven't seen or spoken to in over ten years would think enough about you to seek you out. That was pretty much the high light of my week. It doesn't take much to thrill me.

-Random question to ya'll...Do you actually mention your blog to "real" people that you actually know? Do you tell extended family or even friends that have sought you out after 10 years when they ask "What's up with you?" I'm really not big on whoring myself out about the blog, but I really have it on the tip of my tongue to say something but feel like I'm some kind of salesperson or something. Maybe it's just me. Really do I actually want more than the few people I personally know to read the blog? Don't get me wrong the ones that do I'm totally comfortable with, it's the other few that don't read it that get me paranoid. I feel like I would have to screen myself more and make sure I wouldn't possibly offend someone with out
realizing it.

-Just in case you were wondering about the header. I'm in a transition phase right now. Which means that the one I created for fall looked like crap so I went old school. This was the first header I ever created. Yeah I know I have no talent, but that clip art just felt so appropriate for a working momma with all boys.


dawn224 said...

My blog originated for just a few friends of mine, I had it pword protected and everything. Heh, they never read it. I decided to heck with it and went public. I only mention it to people who I'm okay with them seeing me in my underwear and peeing with the door open.

I'm glad I got you rehooked with PDub. :)

kristi said...

I really don't tell anybody about my blog. I have read a few blogs and found some great blogs and those are the people who visit my blog. Not family or close friends. Sometimes I just want to be "Me" and sometimes that Me isn't pretty or nice.


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