Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday 13

I usually don't do a Thursday 13, heck let's be honest, I've never done a Thursday 13. I bring you a Thursday 13 of things I need to do to get done before I go out of town this weekend. Aren't you fascinated? Yeah it's really ok if skip this post. I totally understand. Lucky for me I'm not some big time blogger that their readers hang on to every word and thirst for their knowledge.

1. Clean the house of course It's as good as I'm gonna get it.

2. Laundry- working on it

3. Pack for the kids and myself -almost done

4. Get my tag for the Mom taxi. For some reason the hubs is getting paranoid that it's over due by a month. If Texas would have the convenience of tag agencies where I can just go anywhere to get a tag at the tag agency. Instead I have to go to one central location for the county and they only have specific times of 8am to 4pm. Don't even think about going at 3:50PM because they already have the doors locked by then. Which means I have to take off work to get it done. I wont even get started on the drivers license place. Which yes is a separate place then the tag place. Bastards

5. Get the tires checked it's been driving funny lately and the hubs is concerned for our safety. He's sweet like that.

6. Clean out mom taxi, it's looking like a jungle in there.

7. Try to get up early Friday to get all this crap done. -Almost done

8. Hope that I can get the heck out of dodge by noon.

9. Charge the cell phone. I'm the worst cell phone person. I despise them.

10. Try to find the DVD player cord for the car.

11. Expect 5 plus hours of drive time not including potty breaks.

12. Get the school supply list

13. Hope that I don't make it up there to late to meet up with a friend before she leaves out town Sat.


casual friday everyday said...

Hey, good luck with that. lol I don't know if I've ever gotten 13 things done in a day.

Everytime I begin my toddler or baby changes my plans on me. lol

Thanks so much for supporting MomsBlogging, too!


Lawanda said...

Yes, good luck! I just love getting ready for a trip, don't you? (that was sarcasm, btw...)

Hey, I posted you an interview under the random post :-D

(In case ya missed it, and wanna do it :))

Lawanda said...

Under the random post on my blog, I mean!! :-p

Clemntine said...

Any chance you're headed up this way? ::hopeful grin::

Sarah said...

Sometimes the work it takes to leave town for the weekend almost isn't worth it. I really wish there was a way to simplify packing for camping. The only solution I can come up with is buying a camper and always keeping it stocked. Anyway, have a great weekend


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