Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Random T.V. Stuff

I am not a big storyline T.V. watcher. So usually I'm out of the loop when it comes to the whole Lost/Greys Anatomy/The Office or whatever else craze. Though I admit I loved the original Office from Britain. I am however a discovery channel, food network, HGTV, TLC junkie. I had some random thoughts on some of the shows.

Man vs Wild- The whole debacle about Behr Grilles staying in hotels at night and not really sleeping in the wild thing is pretty stupid IMHO. A lot of people say he also really wasn't giving sound advice for survival for a typical layman lost in the desert, jungle, mountains. I really don't care he's pleasing to the eye and even better with shirt off and the accent. It's really one of those love/hate shows. I love watching ithim. I hate seeing him eat live bugs and raw fish (it never fails I'm always eating dinner when he does this) and I dont really care to see him pee on his shirt to keep him cool. I think he's somewhat informative, yet I don't think I'll be lost in the Amazon any time soon looking for a tree that's sap looks like blood.

Little People Big World- I can never pull myself away from this show. I mean who cares how little people live? Their just normal people living their lives, yet I get dragged in every time. Today I heard news that the dad (I can't think of his name, and to lazy to look it up) was arrested for DWI. Sad really. A co-worker made a funny saying maybe he swallowed to much mouthwash. I kept thinking maybe he had one glass of wine at dinner and since he's smaller it's going to register higher or maybe since he's little their driving is a little more erratic than normal people since they have to use those stilt things. I'm just trying to justify something else other than the reality of the situation. It just hurt my heart a little.

Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt- I somehow kept missing this show and finally caught it last night. I love it, I love Alton and his motorcycle riding self. I think I like it almost more than Good Eats. I kind of thought it would be just another tour the country eat foods affiliated with that location and move on to the next town kind of show. Alton takes it to a different level with the history and stories of the food/town. I guess his whole crew bikes across America doing the show. One question I did have is, how/why the heck does he feel the need to tell us about stuff while he is actually biking? I feel for his and the dude driving in the wrong lane to get the shot's safety. Then I thought maybe he's doing this part on a greenscreen. Maybe he's not actually biking the whole time either? This could be another controversey.

Thanks Binky Bitch for giving me the idea for this post.


knicksgrl0917 said...

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Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

You're welcome. I heart Alton.

Bear drank pee out of cow sh*t. I can't watch that show.

I do like Survivorman, though.

Lawanda said...

Well, I never get to watch tv. :(

I do like to catch House, and Heroes though. ;)

Oh, and I am an American Idol geek, sorry to say!


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