Monday, August 27, 2007

My eyes are crossed from signing school papers...

We made it through first day of school '07! The Godzilla Moms June Cleaver mom's were out in full force. I think they read the blog though, cause we swoopt right in the car pool lane with out a hitch. In fact we were pretty much the only car in the car pool lane. Hubs noted that all the helicopter parents were parking and bringing their kids in. I'm taking full advantage of the car pool lane, so my boys were dropped off and left to fend for them self. They obviously made it just fine and did not need me to hold their hand to get to class.

I finished up the forest of paperwork X2. Do I really care that there was some kind of law passed about having licensed pest control in the school? Not really. Do I know any kind of immigrant farm worker who's willing to disclose their information? The answer would be NO. It amazes me that the school gets money for this. Even if I just know somebody and their not related, they get funding..why?

The boys seemed relatively happy about the first day..of course it was only the first day.

They crashed out to bed easy, early, and quickly tonight. I let them stay up til normal summer bed time last night and of course got them up at the crack of dawn this morning. I'm just evil like that.

I may have been a little harsh on yesterday's post. Am I sorry? Not really, I had a rant and needed to release it. I've got it all out of my system now.

That's the extent of what I got. My brain is mush from signing my name 20 times.

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Lawanda said...

Oh, the paperwork! I always hated that! And I always dropped my kids off and let them fend for themselves after the first week. I am too wimpy to let them the first week. I always cried after I left them too! WIMPY! But they never cried. haha They are tough ;)


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