Thursday, August 30, 2007

I hate late

I hate being late to anything. If I'm not somewhere 10 minutes before it starts or when I'm scheduled, my heart starts beating rapidly and my lips start to curl and I just get cranky.
My job requires that I sign in smack dab 8:00 or else after so many lashes it's a firing. There's also the whole paying $2.00X3 for every minute that your late when picking up the kids. So yeah I get a little control freakish when I'm late.

Today was one of those heart pounding race the clocks kind of day. I normally leave just a bit before 5 to make my 3 rounds to the various schools to pick up the kids before 6. I know I'm a little insane, but this way I save a rockin $50 a week by not having them at the daycare. We're new to 3 pick ups after school and it's really been a race for time.

So I get stuck on a call with a dude at work that really has no clue about computers and to top it all off he has the new "V" PC operating systen (which is the devil incarnate) and that Internet service provider that most people use on dial up, the one that starts with A. (which is the devils spawn). I didn't get off the phone with him until 5:30. I'm stroking out by this time. I'm racing to get out of the premises, start up the car and the low fuel light comes on. Now blood pressure is really sky rocketing. Right up there with my aversion to being late is being low on gas. I can't let it get to much lower than 1/4 tank. I start to get a little twitchy all over. When the fuel light is on, I mind as well just keel over and die. I'm just one of these highly paranoid spastic people that can't handle this much stress on my brain.

What to do? what to do? I'm telling my brain. I know call the know just to vent my stress on him. What's he gonna do? Absolutely nothing but here me vent. I tried the office phone no answer, I try to call his cell no answer. Now I'm seething, cause it figures when I want him to hear me gripe he's not there. I almost thought of texting him on my phone..but I don't text ever and it would look like a new type of Morse Code with random letters and numbers. I honestly have never figured out how to change letters to the letter I need on my phone. I have my limitations to my "technical" ability. I finally figure out I just need to get going.

I did make it to all 3 locations in record time plus was able to pump gas from the slowest gas pump in history. Gameboy knew I meant business the second he started whining that he was just about to start a game and wasn't ready to leave. Needless to say he could see the steam streaming from my ears and quickly stopped complaining.

I crashed landed in the recliner when we finally arrived home and sternly told the hubs that he needed to always be available no matter what, when I'm stroking out about things that are totally out of his control, by golly he better be there to answer the phone.

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I get ticked off at my hubby too when he doesn't pick up (either of) his cell phone... :)


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