Tuesday, July 17, 2007


You guys know my next weakness to my children and chocolate is a giveaway. I will enter almost any giveaway and if I have to jump through hoops while juggling fire, I would do my best to do it. Shannon at RocksInMyDryer is going beyond just a simple give away and hosting a carnival of giveaways. Well this just gets me all twitchy inside as this is the epitome of all giveaways, with them all being in one spot. She's asking us (bloggers) to add to the carnival by hosting a giveaway and linking up to her. Since the giveaway fairy has been kind to me 2 times, I think it best I give back. She stated it could be anything dear to you or your blog something you've made or just really whatever. So I'm going to think of something good to giveaway. I don't think my children or my dog count in this one.

If you haven't visited Shannon at rocksinmydryer you simply must stop by on Wednesdays! Go find out for yourself.

Click on the cute doggy pic for more information on the giveaway carnival.

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P.S. The carnival starts on Monday the 23rd. Be there or be square!

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