Monday, July 2, 2007

The Boys Are Back In Town...

The boys are home so let the chaos begin. I think they all grew 5 inches in a weeks time and Bossyboy talks like a big 3 year old now. Where did my baby go? It is also time to get back into the groove of things again. Now I will have to get up earlier to drive my darlings to daycare where as before I could get up and drive literally a mile and a half to work.
I'm happy their back, the quiet was to deafening and they had a lot to talk about to fill the void. Between the hundreds of times they went swimming to the number of times they watched Air Bud due to the rain, they had a great time. I could tell though my mother was ready to get rid of them exhausted when she called me asking if they should bring them down yesterday instead of today. Another clue when I arrived in the drive way almost the exact same time they did and mom was already switching the items in the van out into their car. My parents could not leave the house fast enough to get to their motel for peace and quiet. The funny thing is my mom has that can't stand not to be with them, can't stand to be with them affection. I mean that in the most enduring way. She loves her some grand babies like nobody's business, she just has to realize that taking them all on at once is a little to much for a woman her age.
The boys have to get back into the routine of things as well and by that I mean by calling me Mom instead of grandma. Nothing warms the heart more than when your little darlings call for you in that affectionate tone, "Grandma! Bossyboy is hitting me again!"
They all totally loved Gameboy's room and tore it completely up in seconds. The plan was for the other room to be more of the play room and Gameboy's room for playing video games only. They so didn't get the memo on that one. So we still have some issues to work out but all in all I think they were happy to be home and ready to get back into routine.
Here's a pic of the little darlings testing out big brother's "new" bed.

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Lawanda said...

Oh they are so cute!

I can see how I would be that way with my grand babies too! Grandmas are grandmas, not mommies, after all! :)

That is hilarious they are still calling you grandma though! LOL!


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