Friday, June 8, 2007

Musical Daddy

I mentioned in the post below about how my awesome husband is a great daddy and in an earlier post I even mentioned the wonderful things of why I loved him. Well I forgot one important tidbit detail of why I love my hubby and why he's an awesome dad...
He loves musicals.

On our honeymoon night along with doing things most honeymooners do, we also watched Grease on television. I just found it the most awesome thing to find that he has such a passion for music and musicals being right up there.

I'm sure he would just kill me for spewing this to you the vast world of the internets. I think what's to be ashamed that you have a sensitive side? Funny thing is he will groan and moan if he has to watch a chick flick but give him Grease or Pirates of Penzance and he's all over it.

So were sitting here tonight on this rainy evening watching a cheezy 1970's version of Pirates of Penzance and he is teaching my children what the story is about and the songs that go with it and of course singing along. A teaching moment that maybe years from now his boys will also have an appreciation for musicals and maybe a sensitive side to like his dad. I just love that he does this even though he thinks I have no interst in it.
As my 3 year old walks around singing the Teret Tera Teret Tera from the part of Pirates where the police go after them. I know that the appreciation is already there.

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