Monday, June 11, 2007

I like...

-I like to listen to a gentle rain right before going to sleep.

-I like it when the cat "kneads the dough" on my belly and then snuggles in for a nap on my lap.

-I like to spoil my kids occasionally.

-I like the smell of laundry fresh from the dryer.

-I like the way my 3 year old greets me when I pick him up from daycare. I cherish those hugs on my knees and his enthusiasm to see me.

-I like to eat the cherry last on my sundaes.

-I like the feel of Pennsacola beach sand on my feet, so far no other beachy sand will do.

-I like to thumb through a magazine undisturbed.

-I like to splurge on a mocca frapaccino at Starbucks every now and then.

-I like finding a new recipe that the whole family likes.

-I like it when my 8 year old tells me I'm the best cook in the world, when all I did was heat up a can of raviolis.

-I like to hear my 7 year old sing, he just sounds like an angel.

-I like sharing with the internet the things I like and hold dear.

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Clemntine said...

I like...this post! Lovely!


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