Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dont Flush The Monkey!

You may recall this post about my Wonderboy and his infatuation with AFV. Well he decided to name one of his stuffed monkeys after Tom. I'm sure he would be flattered to know that a stuffed monkey has been named after him. It's not "just" Tom oh nosireebob it's Tom Bougaron(I really don't feel like googling the correct spelling of his name-I'm sure it's some fancy french spelling).
Wonderboy is very protective of his possessions as he always fears his little brother is going to either throw it in the trash just for fun, or even better flush it down the toilet. He always asks when I tell Wonderboy to share his toys if Bossyboy is going to flush it down the toilet. I don't know if Wonderboy has a fear of toilets or what but Bossyboy is not the kind of toddler that flushes things just for spite.

Anyways so Wonderboy decided last night that "Tom" needed a bath. He's stuffed and their kind does not do well in water, but I'm the type that I'd rather have an easy bath experience rather than explain that Tom does not need a bath. So Tom had his bath and I'm sure he loved it. As Wonderboy was getting out with Tom in hand I was drying both Tom and Wonderboy off and as I unwound the towel from Wonderboy, Tom got caught up in the towel and dropped in the toilet. Now you would have thought that the world was going to come to an end right that very moment. I quickly grabbed him out, luckily I had just cleaned the toilet. Being that Tom was already wet it was really no big deal. Here was the conversation Wonderboy had with Tom.
"Tom B. you cannot go in the toilet, it's very dangerous."
"Bossyboy will flush you down the toilet if you go in there again."

As that crises was diverted this morning our puppy came into Wonderboy's room and grabbed Tom and chewed his leg off. I think Tom has bigger things to worry about than being flushed. Poor Wonderboy he was so distraught about Tom. Yet somehow I could not help giggling about it. It's like the dog knew this monkey had some kind of meaning to him. Aren't I evil to get tickled at someone else's tragedy?
I figure I may try to make a video about Tom the monkey and interview Wonderboy about what happened to his monkey and send it in. Maybe Tom will get a kick out of it.

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Anonymous said...

I think you could be the next ten thousand dollar winner. The story cracked me up. I even laughed out loud!



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