Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bloggity Blahs

I've been in bloggity blah mode since the kids are gone. I just don't have that extra mojo without them. Things are just to to quiet around here. However I do have some exciting news that only a house cleaning mother would have. I got a DYSON!!! Let me repeat my husband caved in got me a DYSON!!!

The Dyson is gorgeous in all it's yellow with it's hefty size dirt tank. Who wouldn't want to vacuum with a cheery yellow vacuum? It really does suck no pun intended. Hubby got to test it out first since he was home first to get it. We ordered it at HSN for the easy pay option of $95.00 a month with free shipping. Can't beat that. Hubs was so excited to give me a tutorial on how it worked. I vacuumed up the whole living room and it was awesome how much dirt came out of my floor. Now I just need to steam clean it and it would look brand new for a day or two.

Sadly I'm not trying to make some shameless plug to Dyson or HSN as neither one sent it to me for free or anything. Someday I'll be one of those hip bloggers that companies want me to try and review their products. For now I'm just ecstatic to have a vacuum that even the hubby will use. :)


Erica said...

OMG! A Dyson!! I"m so jealous! I want one!

Lawanda said...

I think Dysons look cool! But I have had the worst luck with sweepers (I am a hick, I do not call the vacuums!)....

I have ruined many a "top of the line" sweeper. Kevin thinks it is all our long hair.... who knows!

But enjoy your new toy!!! :)


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