Saturday, May 12, 2007

CubScout Picnic

Today was the annual CubScout picnic which is always a great time for all. The hard part is dragging the darling husband out in public. He's what you would call a recluse, a homebody if you will. He reminds me of Bossyboy in a way. I have a hard time getting him in the tub, its like trying to give a cat a bath their just not thrilled with the idea. Once I do actually get him and for the most part me in the tub he loves it. The hubs is the same way with social gatherings, once I have finally dragged him out he's fine, and somwewhat enjoys himself. It's not like were social butterflies and get out much so this was big for us on a weekend.

The festivities started off with the badge ceremony. This is always a big crowd pleaser...not. They don't care about no stinkin badges much less any other dens badges. Gameboys den is usually first cause suprise suprise he's den 1. So as soon as he's gotten his badges he's ready to go and play. He doesn't understand the concept that he must be polite and pretend to be entralled with the other 16 dens badges. We ate our lunch while pretending to be interested in the others which helped constrain him.

Next on the agenda was the games they had the ever popular tug o war. They did several sessions of war between dens and just whoever. The hubs became intrigued by the kids wars and believed he could take on Gameboys den by himself. He was able to "take down" 6 of the kids on one side but when it came to all 9 he just couldn't quite keep his grip and slipped and sprained his toe. It could have been worse I guess. He was quite proud of his feats and was sure he could have taken on all 9 had he had the right shoes. Hes home now all bandaged up, battle wounds. His feathers puffed up even more when a kid not his told him he was "strong". Hubs said he wasn't sure what to say to that but you could tell he was proud. He'll be ready to take them on next year for sure.

Last but definatly not least was the hosing down of the boys with the firetruck. Who wouldn't love to be sprayed down by gallons of pressure coming at you from a twenty foot ladder? As soon as the red beast made it's way down the street it almost made me think of a scene from lord of the flies with the boys just flocking and running down the park after the firetruck. As they chanted "Water! Water!" at the firemen hooking up the hose to the hydrant. It was quite entertaining to see them sprayed down with all that water.

All in all everyone had a great time despite the fact we all had to scatter like cattle when the huge lightening struck just a few hundred yards away. That was the signal that the picnic was over and it's time to go.

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