Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sleep would be ever so nice right now. Ive had a few nights in a row where if it wasn't one thing it was another getting me up. I even got to point where I started making a list in my mind of all the different interruptions. Yes sadly I thought I'm going to have to blog about it. Yes I'm subjecting my dear poor readers to my list..oooh..thats right I don't have any readers so there for I'm fair game to go all out and take up space on the internets about mindless sleep lists.
First off I went to bed late simply for no real reason at all. When I did get to bed I decided I must finish that darn Mulvanny book. I'm really behind on the reading list. So as I drift to sleep with the pooch hound nestled beside me, the husband barges in to go to bed to. The pooch hound nudges and pushes me further and further to the edge of the bed, and for some reason in my subconscious I think this is ok. About 1 am the bossyboy comes barging in the room demanding to take control of the bed to. I have to be strong and get up and take him to bed. 1:30 the storms start coming with rapid lightening and thunder. The bossy boy comes back afraid of the thunder lightening. Theres no room in the bed for all of us. I guiltily take him to his brothers room and put him in the tiny bed with his brother. Guilty on both charges for removing him from bed out of the safety of his parents and guilty for putting him in bed with his brother who now has to share a blanket and pillow with him. I get back to bed and now its 2:00, did I mention I have to get up at 6 to get ready for work? At this point the pooch hound decides hes really got a bad itch and just continuously is itching and biting himself endless for well just to long. I kindly give him the boot and shut him out the door. Now its 2:15 and I cant get back to sleep cause the thunders roaring and the lightening is flashing. This is the point where I start thinking about all my interruptions and that this would make really good blog fodder. Which makes me laugh cause who really cares about lack of sleep and the reasons why. So I apologize internets for thinking this would be even halfway interesting and then actually going ahead and blogging it. But thanks any way for allowing me to take up this useless space on this blog.

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