Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Oh goody Im excited to post my first WFMW. Shannon hosts every Wednesday allowing people to post various tips and tricks that works for them.
Right now Im potty training mr bossyboy. Hes the 3rd boy and a lot more stubborn than the other two to train. It could also be that Im a little bit less gung ho about training. I do have some tips that worked with my other two boys. Instead of having him sit the "normal" way on the potty I have him sit facing the tank stradling the bowl kind of like a horse. I even tell him he's riding the horsey or driving the truck-anything at this point to excite him to use the potty. This helps him feel a little more secure on the potty and helps to actually get the pee in the pot. I don't know if anyone else has this problem with little boys, but when they go it doesn't seem to go down but shoot straight across no where near inside the bowl. Bossyboys still to little to really stand so this helps to get him kinda used to facing that way. It does take a little bit to get them used to sitting this way, but it really did and does work for him and me!
Visit Shannon at for more awesome tips. I promise they are not all about potty training.

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