Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Taking the Challlenge

Im entering this contest at Laura the orgjunkie's blog to clean up and organize a room or space in your house. I hope I haven't out done myself on this one. I have a few rooms/spaces that really could use some help like say the garage, or the kids rooms or even scary enough my bedroom. But all those rooms I have purged through and organized before. The problem is it gets reverted back to its original condition. The one room in the house that I haven't taken head on is the kitchen. So thats the room I choose.

The problem with the kitchen is there's not a lot of major over doing I can do (were renting)- like knocking out a wall or two to make it bigger, or even better get rid of the hideous wall paper from 1972. I am up to the challenge of making the most of my small rented space.

Here are a few pics of the kitchen. I took these pics right after dinner so excuse the dishes soaking in the sink. The problem with the kitchen is its pretty much the first room we enter when coming into the house. We go straight through the laundry room and into the kitchen so EVERYTHING gets dumped on the kitchen counter. I have a counter thats supposed to be the primary the "goto" station where the kids papers and mail are placed. I would like to make it more organized and utilized.

I have very little cabinet space for all my small appliances and do not have a pantry so all the cereals and kids lunch snacks get stored on top of the fridge. When theres no room left it gets all dumped in the corner counter. I really get closterphobia in this area. I just know one day Im going to have cereal and chips dumped on top of me when opening the fridge.

I don't have an all and all concrete plan yet. I do know that I would like to get some kind of containerized thing going for the cereals and kids snacks. If I can think of some other way of maintaining my cabinet space I will do that.

When I get into my organized mode I usually convince myself that it has to be done that day no matter what and then I get overwhelmed and children get unfed and hubby gets unfed and I end up getting frusterated. I hope 30 days will help to realize that I can take a little at a time and still get the job done.

There you have it..I have now posted my ugly kitchen for all the world to see. I can't believe I'm doing this. It will be so rewarding to have atleast an organized kitchen to see, and the prize motivation helps to! I will keep everyone posted on my progress and plan.-And did you see that wallpaper? just makes you wanna hurl don't it?


Debi said...

Hey, that looks like the top of my fridge! (Of course, in 30 days mine will still look like that.) Looks like a good choice for the challenge. I tend to be just like you...jump into something all gung-ho and then burn out before I finish. I'm hoping this 30 day time spread will keep me motivated a little at a time. Good luck! Hope you keep us updated.

org junkie said...

Hi there, thanks for participating in the challenge. My recommendation to you if you really want to get your kitchen functioning better is to remove everything and look at the space with fresh eyes. Sometimes we get so use to things being in a certain spot we can't imagine putting them somewhere else. That might be just what you need. Don't forget to ask someone to help you as well!
Good luck,


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