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They are the bestest of best friends and have known each other pretty much all of their lives. D first met the tiny N at the NICU in Dallas when he was just a little over 1 years old and N just a few weeks old. D wasn't sure about this tiny person with all this "stuff" attached to him, but he knew his life had changed forever.

After months of being in NICU, N finally got to home and D was there to accompany us home after also being displaced from his home for several months. The two seemed to bond fairly instantly. D never felt jealous of N and somehow at his young age knew that N was a fragile little guy that would need some extra care. D was just the right friend to be there and help out with the care and love N needed.

Years have gone by and D and N are the bestest of best friends. They have been inseparable since that first day home together. There has never been a day or night they haven't been together. Where one goes the other goes. They have had their usual disagreements but nothing that ever lasted more than a few minutes. This is the type of friendship that will last their lifetime. Nothing can or will ever separate them. At some point, the time may come when other friends or god forbid a girl get between these two, but at the end of the day they will still be the bestest of best friends. They have a bond between them that no one else can change. A bond of brotherhood that makes their friendship different than most others.

When I think about this type of friendship, in a weird way it makes me jealous. I had my "sisterly" friendship at their age. We were inseparable as well, I was pretty much the 4th sister of 3 sisters.The only thing separating us was a hilly yard with a path wore down between our houses. We shared the common friendship of D and N. If you saw one it was more than likely you saw the other. My friendship soon faded out with change growth and distance. Although we are still good friends the bond of sisterhood is no longer there. D and N however have the great advantage of brotherhood that shall never keep them apart no matter what kind of change, growth or distance. This kind of friendship is what I consider the bestest of the best kind of friendships ever.

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